Mina and Theodore Flatau with their children Martha and Ida in 1890.
Theodore age 25, Mina age 21, Martha age 5, and Ida about 6 months.

Albert and Elsie Flatau in 1965

January 1972 they came to Washington via train and left with Walt and Vi in February for a fun time in Reno.  They visited relatives in Oregon and WA before returning home.

In December 1972 they were in WA to celebrate Christmas with the Johnson’s.  All Walt and Vi’s family were together and Gary Koehnen, too.

July 6, 1974 they went to Minneapolis with Walt, Vi, Rhoda and Judy to attend the wedding of Emil and Helen Beckman.  After a day of sight-seeing, they left on the 8th of July with Walt and Vi to LaCenter, MN to sign papers to sell the farm.  

In 1974 they made plans to build a house and on July 14th, the first stakes were set.  An auction was held on September 28, 1974.

In May 1975 ​they moved into their new home.

​In January 1976 Albert and Elsie came via plane to Seattle and celebrated their anniversary and also Becky and Gary Koehnen’s birthdays.  While in Port Angeles, they helped Ernest (Albert’s brother) celebrate his 81st birthday.  Emil and Helen Beckman arrived in Port Angeles and Albert and Elsie and Emil and Helen went to Victoria, British Columbia via ferry for a day of sight-seeing.  Vi took Albert and Elsie to visit relatives at Tacoma, WA; Woodburn, OR; Canby, OR; St. Helens, OR; and McMinnville, OR.  They also drove to Gresham where they lived 50 years ago and visited a friend, Henry Weaver, at a rest home.  When in Portland, they looked up Mrs. Reinhart Flath, a former resident of Perham.

In the spring of 1977, Rodney and Marian took Albert and Elsie to visit relatives in Louisiana and on to Pensacola, Florida where they visited Beverly (Rodney and Marian’s daughter) and her husband Glen Olsen, who was stationed in the Navy there.

1967 February - Wally Johnson and Albert Flatau on their way to Lodi, CA (with Elsie Flatau)

1968 August - grandchildren

Albert and Elsie in 1959
Albert was 61 in August and Elsie was 59 in November

1968 Emma Parks and Inez Parker with Marie Friestad and Emil Beckman in background

June 18th 1977 - Otto Richter and Albert Flatau taking a break after Terry & Darvin's wedding.

Albert second from right in Europe and below.....Albert and friends in Paris.  Elsie taking photos.

1967 Wally, Elsie, and Albert, 
about to leave for trip visiting 
relatives in OR and CA

1968 - Rhoda Koehnen, Emil Beckman, Anker & Marie Friestad, Karen Koehnen, Liz Beckman, Bud, Clara, & Alex Walther, Elsie Flatau, Lorraine Flatau, Vi & Walt Johnson – sitting Albert Flatau, Judy & Debra Johnson, Terry Flatau, Kristin Johnson, and Rick & Nancy Flatau

July 1968 - Elsie Flatau, Vernon Flatau, Walt Johnson, and Albert Flatau eating fudgesicles

January 1981 they went via train to Seattle.  Visited in Port Angeles and took an express bus to Portland.  Visited relatives at Woodburn, McMinnville and Roseburg and on to Lodi, CA.  They made a return trip to Port Angeles and back to Perham via train.

1968 – standing: Greg & Bud Walther, Karen Koehnen.  Sitting: Anker & Marie Friestad, Alex & Clara Walther, Rhoda Koehnen, Emil Beckman, Vi Johnson, Liz Beckman, and Elsie & Albert Flatau.

1968 August - Albert and Elsie watching the program

June 18th 1977 - Emma Richter and Shelley Tester at Terry & Darvin's wedding.

To Washington and California in 1966 and 1967

1966 Vernon & Lorraine Flatau, Vi Johnson, Rodney & Marian, Elsie & Albert Flatau

1968 August - Kevin Flatau, Nancy Flatau, Diane Koehnen, Mark Koehnen, Kathy Flatau

1984 Rodney and Albert Flatau

June 19th 1977 - Albert Flatau, Emil Beckman, Joey & Jeni Lorezel, Lyn Ann & JoLea Ulschmid with Toni Lorezel and Rhoda Koehnen in back.

1975 - Albert and Elsie Flatau's new home.

1966 August - Marie Friestad, Marian, Elsie, and Lorraine Flatau, Hazel Johnson

June 18th 1977 - Otto Richter and Albert Flatau taking a break after Terry & Darvin's wedding.

To Washington and California in 1966 and 1967

In October 1961 Albert and Elsie went on a tour of Europe with some of the same people who they went with to Hawaii. 
The tour took them to
a bus trip through the Alps
a tour from Zurich, Switzerland through the Black Forest of Germany
and back to the United States via New York. 

They enjoyed the Rhine River trip and sights of the many castles.  They said there are many big dams in Switzerland producing much electricity and all trains are electric.

They enjoyed a trip through the farm country in Germany even though it was done quite 

When Albert applied for his passport and 
needed his birth certificate, he was registered as Edward Albert on the records!  This has been changed.​

1969 - Jean Flatau, Rick & Lorraine Flatau, Beverly & Marian Flatau, Marie Friestad, Elsie Flatau,  Terry Flatau, Don & Rodney Flatau, Anker Friestad, and Albert Flatau

Nancy (Flatau) Flicek remembers: “A lot of us grandchildren remember doing things at Grandma and Grandpa’s house when we were little.  Like visiting on Friday evenings, Christmas Eve and picnics every summer.  There was a time not long ago that still stays with me.  

This remembrance of mine deals with Grandma more than Grandpa; but I’m sure he won’t mind.  It was during the time that Grandpa was at St. John’s Hospital for his cataract surgery and Grandma stayed at my house.  Grandma and I would sit up playing cards and talking.  In our talking she told me of her life as a young girl and as a young mother.  She told me many things of how she lived and what she did and about her family.  With just the two of us staying up til midnight every night, I felt like I was learning something special.  I even found out that when we’re at our homes, we both get up during the night and walk around the house; because I was staying at her house in Perham one of the nights and she said ‘not to worry if I heard something’…..I said, “That’s okay, I may be up and awake”.  The conversations we had were something very special to me and feel lucky in having been able to have the opportunity to talk like that with my Grandma.”

1968 August - Albert and Elsie at their church

Albert and Elsie boarding the plane to Hawaii.  They are on the stairs.  Elsie is wearing a white hat and Albert is to her left.  

Albert and Elsie enjoying a luau.  They are sitting on the left in the front row.  Elsie has her camera with flash ready for action and is wearing flip flops! 


1968 Judy and Debra Johnson before leaving to go back to Port Angeles WA

1968 August - in back Emil Beckman, Marie Friestad.  In front Liz Beckman, Elsie Flatau and Clara Walther

1968 August - Jean Flatau and Vickie Johnson

February 1979 they left via car with Rita Koehnen.  Making stops at Lincoln, Nebraska (visiting Brenans); Winkelman, Arizona (visiting Van Gordens); Escondido, California (visiting Wally Johnson’s); to Seal Beach, CA (visiting Anton Koehnen – Rita’s grandfather); and to Lodi, CA where Rita was planning to make her home.  After visiting relatives in Roseburg, Woodburn and St. Helens, OR and Olympia, WA they came to Port Angeles where they met Walt (Albert’s brother) and Agnes Flatau and returned to MN with them in their motor home.

1968 August - Liz & Emil Beckman, Albert & Elsie Flatau, Clara & Alex Walther

Albert passed away on April 14, 1986 at the age of 88
Elsie passed away November 2, 1992.  She would have been 92 on November 16th.

1969 - Albert and Elsie Flatau's house on a snowy day.

Albert Flatau and the northern 
he caught in 1964

1968 August - Rita, Donna & Karen Koehnen

1968 August - Marian, Nancy & Beverly Flatau

August 1968 - Clara Walther, Elsie Flatau, Bud,  Greg & Alex Walther, and Albert Flatau.

1969 - Elsie Flatau playing pool in their basement.

1965 Albert and Elsie Flatau's front of house

More Travels

1968 August - John Beckman, Rhoda Koehnen, Toni Koehnen, Diane Koehnen, Mark Koehnen

1968 August - Albert and Elsie

1968 August - Ann Beckman, Liz & Emil Beckman, Albert & Elsie Flatau, Clara & Alex Walther - Vernon & Lorraine Flatau, Walt & Vi Johnson, Marian & Rodney Flatau, Rhoda Koehnen

1968 August - Helen Krueger with Kristin and Vernon in the background

1967 Feb - Herman Flatau, Wally Johnson, Albert Flatau, and Bob Flatau

Albert and Elsie's 45th Wedding Anniversary in January, 1964.
Unknown couple, Marian Flatau, Marie Friestad, Lorraine Flatau, Hazel Johnson, Otto Richter, Anker Friestad.
Dorothy Flatau, Emma Richter, Martin Flatau, Rodney Flatau and Levi Johnson.
Albert and Elsie Flatau.

1968 August - Clara Walther, Elsie and Albert Flatau

1968 August - Nancy Flatau, Kristin Johnson, Judy Johnson, Vernon Flatau, Terry Flatau, Lorraine Flatau, Rick Flatau, Debra Johnson

December 1984 - Albert Flatau

1968 August - Liz & Emil Beckman, Albert & Elsie Flatau, Clara & Alex Walther, unknown couple

1966 Elsie Flatau near haystack

1968 August - grandchildren in a car demonstrating the trip out west!

Albert & Elsie Flatau in 1973.

1967 Bob and Gertie Flatau with Albert and Elsie Flatau in Roseburg, OR.

June 1970 - Albert Flatau, Vi Johnson and Elsie Flatau at Marymere Falls in Washington.

1967 Albert & Elsie Flatau, Clara and Alex Walther in Lodi, CA

1968 August - Terry Flatau, Mark Koehnen, Kathy Flatau, Karen Koehnen, Albert Flatau, Rick, Nancy, Beverly & Don Flatau, Diane Koehnen, Susan Flatau, Kevin Flatau, Rita Koehnen

January 1969 - Albert & Elsie celebrating 50th Anniversary with the relatives in Port Angesles, WA - Minnie Flatau, Albert & Elsie Flatau, Louie Flatau

Albert and Elsie going to church in 1960

Vi Johnson, Rodney Flatau, Vernon Flatau, Rhoda Koehnen, with Elsie & Albert Flatau at Tom & Donna Ulschmid's wedding on June, 24, 1967 

1968 August - Kristin Johnson MC with mock wedding party

March 30, 1992 - Vernon Flatau, Elsie Flatau & Vi Johnson

Albert & Elsie Flatau (from 1959 to forever)

Nancy Flatau in 1972

March 30, 1992 - Elsie Flatau & Vi Johnson

January 1966 and February 1967 they made trips to Washington and California.  

On the 1967 trip, their grandson, Wally (prior to induction to the Navy), was their chauffeur and took them to see all their relatives in Washington, Oregon and California and did some sight-seeing, too.

1965 - Elsie in the Mercury in the snow. 

1968 August - Kristin Johnson and Jean Hillstrom

August 1968 - in back Liz & Emil Beckman, Marie Friestad, Clara Walther - in front Anker Friestad, Alex Walther, and Elsie & Albert Flatau

1966 Albert and Elsie's 47th Anniversary in Port Angeles - Elsie and Albert Flatau

February 1976 - Albert & Elsie Flatau with Minnie Heilman and Evelyn Hummel.

1968 August - Elsie & Albert Flatau

1968 August - Albert and Elsie in the food line

1968 August - Vi Johnson and Lorraine Flatau

July 1977 they went via plane to Lodi, CA where they met Walt and Vi and went with them to Escondido, where their son Wally and family lives.  There they toured avacado country, went to San Diego Wild Animal Park and ate at a Lawrence Welk restaurant.  They visited Beverly and Glen in Los Angeles, also Susan who was visiting there.  They went via highway 101 along the coast, stopping off at Capistrano Mission, the tar pits at Los Angeles, Cannery Row at Monterey and through the Redwoods.  Also visited relatives in Oregon before coming to Port Angeles.

September 14, 1977 Albert and Elsie and Emil and Helen Beckman left from Minneapolis for Germany to visit relatives and sight see.  After arriving in Frankfurt, Germany, they went on a boat trip down the Rhine River.  After a train trip to Bremen, their relatives, Hannah and Kurt Beckman, picked them up.  They also went to Wilhelmshaven where Grandma Marie came from in Germany. 

​June 1978 Albert and Elsie arrived in Seattle to attend Kristin and Gary Granquist’s wedding.
They left via car for Minnesota with Walt and Vi.
Enroute they stopped at Cabin City and found the cabin they had stayed in on their trip west in 1926!

In September 1978 Albert had cataract surgery and his system went into a shock which caused him to become seriously ill.  He was hospitalized in Fargo and was released after a few days…. fully recovered.  

1966 Ernest Flatau and Emil Beckman

1968 August - mock wedding by grandchildren

1967  Orville Locke and Mom Ida Locke with Albert and Elsie Flatau

Passport photos!  Don't smile.

Hawaii in 1959

Debra Johnson in 1972

1968 August - Kathy Flatau, Kristin Johnson, Jean Hillstrom in back, Beverly & Nancy Flatau in front

1968 - Marian Flatau, Elsie Flatau, Rodney Flatau, Albert Flatau

Interesting history of the Alcan Highway:  www.history.com.

An interesting current day video of the AlCan Highway. Watch video. 

Keep in mind as you watch these videos, Albert and Elsie were 62 and 64 when they took on this trip by themselves to travel the AlCan 'gravel road' Highway.  If you have not traveled the AlCan Highway, the last video gives you an idea of the beauty.  If you have traveled the AlCan Highway, please sign the guest book and let us know of your great adventure.

1968 - Lorraine Flatau, Vi Johnson, Clara Walther, Elsie Flatau, Bud and Alex Walther, Karen Koehnen, Liz Beckman, Marie Friestad, Emil Beckman, Rhoda Koehnen, Albert Flatau, and Anker Friestad in back.  Susan Flatau, Kristin Johnson, Nancy & Rick Flatau in the middle.  Terry Flatau, Debra & Judy Johnson, Kevin Flatau, and Greg Walther in front

August 1969 - Walt Johnson and Albert Flatau in front of a corn field West of Moses Lake.

Many trips to Washington and California
from 1970 through 1974

1966 Albert Flatau on his tractor

1968 – Vi Johnson, Clara Walther, Walt Johnson, Elsie Flatau, Bud & Alex Walther, Karen Koehnen, Liz Beckman, Rhoda Koehnen, Emil Beckman, Marie Friestad, Albert Flatau, and Anker Friestad in back.  Susan Flatau, Kristin Johnson, Nancy Flatau, in middle.  Terry Flatau, Debra & Judy Johnson, Kevin Flatau, and Greg Walther in front.

1968 August - Susan Flatau, Toni Koehnen, Kristin Johnson at the punch bowl

The information in the booklet ends now.  I will be adding more information about the life of Albert and Elsie from 1983 to 1992 as more photos are scanned.

1968 August - Jean Flatau, Jean Hillstrom, Kathy and Nancy Flatau

Albert and Elsie’s 50th Wedding Anniversary was January 15, 1969.  They had a family gathering in the summer of 1968.  

In January 1969 they came via train to Washington and celebrated their 50th anniversary with Washington relatives and friends.  They then visited in California.  

August of the same year, they came to Washington with Walt, Vi, Debra and Judy.  They went through the Beartooth Mountains in Yellowstone Park and also attended the Ellensburg Rodeo in Washington.  

After arriving in Port Angeles, they attended the 50th wedding celebration of Albert’s brother, Louie and Minnie.   

August 1982 their granddaughter, Judy Johnson, drove them to Port Angeles, WA to attend the wedding of Debra and Paul Schoeneman, and drove them home again.


1965 in back Vi Johnson, Lorraine Flatau, Doris Butler - In front Walt Johnson, Vernon Flatau and Wally Butler

October 1982 Albert and Elsie went via plane to Lodi, CA to visit Elsie’s sister, Clara for two weeks.

1966 August - Walt Johnson, Vernon & Albert Flatau, Wally Johnson, Terry Flatau, Debra & Judy Johnson cleaning fish

October 15th 1977 - Toni Loerzel with Elsie & Albert Flatau at Toni and Jim's wedding.

1977 - Elsie & Albert Flatau with Marian & Rodney Flatau on the beach in Florida.

1970 - Don, Albert and Rodney Flatau - 21 lb 48 inch northern.

Debra (Johnson) Schoeneman remembers:  “Grams and Gramps have always held a special place in my heart.  My thoughts are with them always and the many memories I have of them are filled with love and happiness.  Paul and I visited Grams and Gramps in 1980, right after we left Greenland.  A visit with them always means a trip to the fishing hole.  One day Gramps took Paul fishing on Schuster.  They were bragging of how they would bring home the ‘big ones’.  It’s a good thing Grams and I went fishing on Devils Lake as the fellas brought home one ‘little one; and Grams and I brought home the supper!  The best thing about my memories of Grams and Gramps is they are forever lasting."

1972 -Sunfish supper with freshly baked bread along with corn and tomatoes from Albert & Elsie Flatau's garden.

Albert and Elsie's grandchildren.  Photo taken in 1962.
Back row:  Donna Koehnen, holding Judy Johnson, Karen Koehnen, Toni Koehnen, Gary Koehnen, Wally Johnson.
 Middle row:  Diane Koehnen, Nancy Flatau, Susan Flatau, Kathy Flatau, Kristin Johnson, Jon Koehnen, Norris Johnson, Jean Flatau.  
Front row:  Rita Koehnen, Kevin Flatau, Debra Johnson, Donald Flatau, Terry Flatau, Steven Koehnen 

1966 August - Marie Friestad, Marian, Elsie, and Lorraine Flatau, Hazel Johnson

June 19th 1977 - Debra Johnson, Donna Ulschmid, Steve & Deana Koehnen  with Marian Flatau looking at a photo album.

1966 Albert and Elsie left with Louie and Minnie to Tacoma

Family Gatherings

1968 August - grandchildren singing

1964 September - Joyce Johnson, Albert & Elsie Flatau, Walt Johnson at the Pacific Ocean

Europe in 1961

June 1963 Albert and Elsie decided to try a trip on the Al-Can Highway to Fairbanks. 
“You can’t travel that highway.  The gravel on the roads will break all your car windows!” were a few remarks from concerned friends. 
They drove to Dawson City to get on the Al-Can Highway and then to Fairbanks.  When in Fairbanks they watched them mine gold. 
They took an inland ferry on the return trip from Haines Junction to Prince Rupert, then via the Trans-Canada Highway to Winnipeg and home.
Even though some of the stretches between towns seemed endless, they had all the windows left in their car.  They traveled 1,100 miles on gravel roads.

1968 August - Jean and Kathy Flatau

1967 Rodney Flatau and Albert Flatau with Beverly Flatau and Karen Koehnen on snowmobile

June 1970 - Albert & Elsie Flatau at Marymere Falls.

1969 January - Minnie, Elsie, Albert, Louie Flatau

1968 August - Koehnens: Diane, Rhoda, Toni, Steven, with Mark and Rita in front

June 1970 Albert and Elsie came to Washington with Walt and Vi via the northern route through Montana. Glacier National Park road was closed due to snow.  While at Port Angeles, they had coffee and cake aboard a tug boat and also a tour of the tug docked in the harbor. 

Vi, Kristin, Debra and Judy drove them to Lodi, California to attend a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Elsie’s sister, Clara and Alex Walther.  They visited in California before returning to Minnesota. 

1968 August - Rhoda, Toni, Rita, Steve, Karen, Diane & Mark (in front) Koehnen

February 1976 - Albert Flatau, Aileen & John Plowman, and Elsie Flatau.

Back row:  Vernon holding Terry, Vi, Emma and Otto Richter, Walt, Liz Beckman, Rodney and Marian 
Flatau, Albert and Elsie Flatau, Levi and Hazel Johnson, Bob and Helen Shaw, Alfrida and Helmer Johnson.
In the middle: Susan, Jean, Beverly, and Helen Krueger.
In front: Norris, Vickie, Nancy, Barbara, Kathy, Kristin, Eileen Krueger, Wally, and Larry.
Photo taken at Grand View Heights in 1961.

1976 - Albert Flatau and Anker Friestad

August 1968 - in back Emil Beckman, Alex Walther, Anker Friestad, Albert Flatau - in front Liz Beckman, Clara Walther, and Marie Friestad

1966 August - Walt Johnson, Albert & Vernon Flatau

Albert and Elsie in December 1959

February 1959 was Albert and Elsie's first travel tour as well as their first airplane ride.  The tour to Hawaii was sponsored by WDAY Radio and TV station of Fargo, ND.  They met many new friends and attended some interesting functions.  They left the tour when returning to the States and took a bus to Port Angeles to visit Amanda (Flatau) Flatau who was very ill.  They then visited in Lodi, CA before returning home.

October 15th 1977 - Albert and Elsie Flatau at Toni and Jim Loerzel's wedding.

1966 Johnny and Aileen Plowman, Minnie Heilman, Walt Johnson

1965 Vernon Flatau, Vi Johnson, Rodney Flatau, Albert & Elsie Flatau

June 1970 - Albert Flatau aka Sonja Honey.

Al-Can Highway in 1963