1960 Charlie Morris family

Cindy, David, Sharon, Peggy, Dorothy, and Charles

1924 Morris McLean and Vada Morris

Walter and Vada Morris and their Children 

Walter Quentin Gresham Morris 
b. June 16, 1867 - d. May 9, 1957
m. February 15, 1891
Mariah Arvada “Vada” Cauble
b. July 10, 1868 - d. September 9, 1930

Esther Lillian Morrisb. May 30, 1895 - d. September 28, 198994Grave
m. October 28, 1914Henry Bergdorf b. January 19, 1886 - d. January 21, 198296Grave
Madrid "Mage" Waneta Morris
b. June 16, 1897 - d. July 2, 1998101Gravem. June 5, 1921 Robert "Elmer" McLeanb. September 2, 1897 - d. October 17, 198487Grave
Boyd Ezra Morris
b. April 25, 1899 - d. May 1, 196869Memorial
Hazel Mildred Hutton
b. December 10, 1898 - d. January 31, 198182Grave
Howard "Avery" Thresher Morris
b. September 26, 1900 - d. July 6, 198382Memorial
m. November 5, 1983Helen Banks
b. May 19, 1903 - d. July 13, 198579
Charles "Charley" Anderson Morris
b. March 19, 1903 - d. January 23, 197167
m. September 16, 1930Dorothy Johnston
b. March 18, 1914 - d. March 2, 198772
Emma Malora Morris
b. December 11, 1905 - d. December 16, 199994
m. October 16, 1929Leonard "Pete" Arnold Peterson
b. April 21, 1903 - d. April 2, 199288

1934 Walter Morris and Jim Peterson

1948 Elmer McClain, Elmer's mother, Morris McClain and baby Stephen Morris

1885 Walter Gresham Quinten Morris age 18

1941 Arvada Peterson, Evelyn Bergdorf and friend in middle

Morris McLean

1890 Mariah Arvada “Vada” Cauble age 16

1921 Emma Morris, age 16, Mage (Morris) McLean, age 24, Esther (Morris) Bergdorf, age 26 at Walter G Morris' house

Walter and Vada Morris

Morris and Cauble

1939 Marie McLean and Arvada Peterson

Marie McLean, Florence, Arvada and Jim Peterson

1943 Jim and Emma Peterson, Walter Morris, Mae Morris (Walter's sister-in-law), Arvada Peterson, Mage, Marie McLean, and Jon Peterson

1943 Robert Morris McLean and Louise Espeseth

1947 first row Arvada Peterson, Morris McLean, Mage and Elmer McLean - top right Pete and Emma Peterson


1943 Walter Morris, Pete Peterson, Mage McLean,  Emma Peterson, Mae Morris (Walter's sister-in-law),  Arvada Peterson with Jim and Jon Peterson in front

1953 Arvada Peterson and Bobby Morris at Wesley Memorial Hospital

Walter and Vada Morris Grandchildren

Esther and Henry Bergdorf Children

Charles Avery Bergdorfb. June 5, 1915 - d. May 30, 194428Grave

Henry "Esmond" Bergdorfb. September 30, 1916 - d. January 9, 201598

Edward Bergdorfb. July 23, 1918 - d. August 28, 194426Grave

Vivian "Esther" Bergdorfb. November 14, 1921 - d. May 7, 199068
m. January 19, 1946Rinhard Remmickb. April 9, 1920 - d. February 4, 197150Grave
Nancy Winifred Bergdorfb. March 30, 1926 - d. May 25, 201286Grave
Andrew  A. "Duce" Seher
b. July 20, 1918 - d. February 5, 198869Grave
Evelyn Ardith Bergdorf

Elmer Donald "Don" Jackson

Rosemary Ruth Bergdorf

Boyd Eugene Founds

George Leslie Bergdorf

Joan Carol Pival

Mage and Elmer Mclean Children

Robert "Morris" McLean
b. September 29, 1922 - d. July 23, 199976Grave
Louise Marie Espesethb. October 19, 1923 - d. September 12, 198561Grave

Betty Jean Sweeney (Jackson)

Marie Waneta McLean

Donald Duane Richardson

Boyd and Helen Morris Children

Robert Walter Morris
b. March 16, 1924 - d. October 22, 200076Grave

Lola Mavis 

Charley and Dorothy Morris Children

Sharon Lee Morrisb. April 25, 1937 - d. May 25, 198245

Darold John Henricks

Judith Ann Morrisb. April 2, 1941 - d. March 1, 195817

Emma and Pete Peterson Children

Arvada Joyce Peterson
b. August 22, 1931 - d. December 14, 201887

Michael McNabb
b. December 3, 1931

Loren Brooks Simcoe
b. April 27, 1926 - d. May 20, 201084
James Allen Peterson
b. April 21, 1933 - d. May 25, 197542

Junielle LuVerne Velo

Jon Quentin Peterson

Janice Heiden 

Kristin Louise Johnson (Granquist)

Timothy Michael Peterson

Nancy Kay Markey 

Vickie Dentex (nm)

Walter Quentin Gresham Morris and Mariah Arvada “Vada” Cauble

1978 Henry and Esther Bergdorf

Marie and Morris McLean with Bobby Morris

Vada Cauble and Walter G. Morris were married February 15, 1891 when Vada was 23 and Walter was 24 years old.
Vada Cauble was born July 10, 1868 in Salem, Washington Co., Indiana and she died on September 9, 1931 at the age of 63. 
Walter Morris was born on June 16, 1867 in Washington Co., Indiana and he died on September 5, 1957 in Bottineau Co., North Dakota at the age of 90.  

Nancy Bergdorf

1943 Walter Morris standing with Louie Peterson and  Jim and Jon Peterson

1945 Arvada Peterson,  Mage McLean, xx, xx, Jim Peterson, Walter Morris, Pete Peterson, xx, xx, Emma Peterson, Judy Morris, Sharon Morris,  Jon Peterson, and xx

1945 Avery Morris, Mage (Morris) McLean, and Boyd Morris

1942 January - Robert Morris McLean

1971 Arvada Simcoe,  Mage McClean,  Janelle Peterson,  Marie Richardson,  Morris McLean


1947 Jerry Hubler, Jim Peterson, Robert Lee Morris

Marie McLean, Arvada and Jim Peterson with Walter Morris

1955 Emma Peterson, Walter Morris, and Arvada (Peterson) McNabb

1940 Avery, Boyd, and Charley Morris

The Walter and Vada Morris family in the early 1900s​​

Walter Morris in the middle

1947 Charlie Bergdorf,  Pete and Jim Peterson on the Missouri River

1948 Emma Peterson, Walter Morris,  Jon and Arvada Peterson

Morris McLean and Jim Peterson

Walter G. Morris & Miss Maria (Mariah) A. (Arvada) “Vada” Cauble were married by Elder S.H. Mitchell at 7 o’clock on the evening of Feb. 15, 1891 at the residence of the bride’s father, Charles Cauble’s three miles north of Salem, Ind.  A large number of friends and relatives of the contrasting parties were present at the wedding.  The “Democrat” (newspaper) tenders congratulations and acknowledges the receipt of samples of cake and fruit.

Marie McLean, Jim Peterson, Arvada Peterson, Morris McLean in a park in Minot, ND

1957 Louise McLean with daughter Mary Louise McLean

February 15th, 1891 - Walter Quenten Gresham Morris and Mariah Arvada “Vada” Cauble wedding photo

1945 Marie McLean,  Arvada Peterson,  Judy Morris, Jon Peterson, and Sharon Morris

1900 Elma (Morris) and George McCammon in Bedford, IN

Elma is Walter Morris' sister

1932 Avery Morris, Charlie and Dorothy Morris with Emma, Arvada and Pete Peterson

1936 Walter Morris, Jim, Emma, and Arvada Peterson at Indian Mounds

1976 Don and Marie Richardson with Robert and Louise Morris at Morris Place

Walter and Vada Morris are the grandparents of Jon Quentin Peterson. 

​Jon Quentin Peterson > Emma Malora (Morris) Peterson >

Walter Quentin Gresham Morris & Mariah Arvada "Vada" (Cauble) Morris  

See Morris Kin

1945 Jon Peterson Mage Mclean, Emma Peterson, Judy Morris, Helen Morris, Dorothy Morris (hidden), Mae Morris (Walter's sister-in-law - Bert's wife) and ??

1962 Avery & Helen Morris in Santa Barbara

1963 April - Elmer and Madge McLean