Isaiah and Mary Ann Gee

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Mary Ann Gee's gravestone

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Five Generation.  Grandma Gee and Her Descendants to the Fifth Generation

In the above picture are: Grandma Gee, aged 83 years; her son James, aged 64; her granddaughter, aged 41; her great grand-daughter, and her great great grand-son, Baby

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​photo taken in 1904 since James is 64.  He was born in 1840.

Grandma Gee (Mary Ann) was born in 1821 and she would be 83 in 1904.

Granddaughter is Sarah Alice Gee born in 1863 and was 41 in 1904.


Mary Ann and Isaiah were married March 10, 1836 when Mary Ann was 15 and Isaiah was 20 years old.
Mary Ann Collier was born March 25, 1821 in Washington, Indiana and she died at the age of 85 on January 12, 1907 in Hindsboro, Douglas, Illinois.

Isaiah Gee was born April 24, 1816 in Indiana and he died at the age of 65 on July 11, 1881 in Hindsboro, Douglas, Illinois.

The following information was taken from the photo above and collaborated with the Chapman Family of Wilkes Co, NC Family Tree on

Collier and Gee

Isaiah and Mary Ann (Collier) Gee 

Isaiah and Mary Ann Gee Children 
Isaiah Gee, married on March 10, 1836
April 24, 1816
July 11, 188165
Mary Ann Collier
March 25, 1821
January 12, 1907
Nancy Ann Gee October 10, 1837
February 12, 1932

Charles Cauble

James Gee (photo)March 4, 1840December 16, 191878Phoebe "Ann" Brown
John GeecJanuary 17, 1842December 29, 193189Martha Evelyn Short
Burnetta M. GeeDecember 1843191067Ephraim Wright
Israel GeeNovember 10, 1845December 17, 189146Mary "Catherine" Beatty
Elizabeth Carla Gee (grave)February 11, 1848May 23, 1885 (grave)37John A. Wingler
Sarah Jane GeeApril 14, 1849July 30, 185910
Mary Susan GeeMarch 10, 1853December 14, 193582William John Houk
Malinda Ellen "Ella" Gee (photo)June 1854194389Aaron "Abram" Abraham Short
Parmelia "Annie" Ann GeeDecember 12, 1856May 31, 189741

James "Walter" McInroy

Adam GeeJanuary 1858March 3, 193274
Benjamin F. GeeAugust 6, 1861April 9, 18654
Emma GeeAugust 1863193976David "Frank" Alvis

Written and compiled by Maud Wilson, the granddaughter of William Collier and Sally Grubb.
December 25, 1913 – Salem Indiana

This history of the different branches follows the same order as the family trees. 1730 – 1913
In loving gratitude to our Pioneer Ancestors, who so bravely faced the wilderness, that we, their children’s children,

might one day reap the benefit, this offering is made to the Seventh Generation.

Isaiah and Mary Ann Gee are the second great grandparents of Jon Quentin Peterson.

​Jon Quentin Peterson > Emma Malora (Morris) Peterson > Mariah Arvada "Vada" (Cauble) Morris > 
1st) Nancy Ann (Gee) Cauble > 2nd) Isaiah Gee & Mary Ann (Collier) Gee 

See Morris Kin 

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The Isaiah and Mary Ann Gee family in the 1800s​​