Sally Lockhart (oldest daughter of William Lockhart and Elizabeth Fletcher, and wife of James Collier) was born in Stockton, Surrey Co., Virginia, February 13, 1802, died of apoplexy in Campbellsburg, Indiana, in 1875.  She was eleven years old when she came from North Carolina to Indiana.  (She) Was short in stature, very fair, blue eyes and light red hair.  Although she was the mother of thirteen children not one inherited her complexion or hair.  (She) Possessed a shrewd, quick mind, and was fine in mental arithmetic.  Thrifty and energetic, (she) did all of her own spinning, weaving, knitting and sewing.  She was a charter member of the Christian Church at Campbellsburg.  Her daughter, Mathilda tells, “While riding with her third child in her arms from Claysville toward Lost River, she was followed through the woods by wolves.  She ran her horse a long distance until she came to a clearing where some wood choppers dispersed the wolves.”

​James Collier, (son of John Collier and Cassandra), married Sally Lockhart March 12, 1818, at Campbellsburg, Indiana.

James Collier, (son of John and Cassandra Crook), was born in Madison County, Kentucky, January 24, 1798, and reached Washington County, Indiana, 1814, with his parents, when he was sixteen years old, having been with them in all their wanderings.  

He bore strong marks of the Crook blood from Cassandra, being slender and extremely dark.  He was a life long sufferer from asthma, which he bore very patiently.  A charter member of the Christian Church of Campbellsburg, Indiana, and a great Bible student, his old Bible still bearing the marks of his study on a almost every page.

Extremely honest, and careful about paying his debts.  It was a custom of his, to go to church before the first bell rung, and in attendance one night contracted a cold, this with asthma developed pneumonia, from which he soon died in his 74th year, 1872.

His last words, so characteristic of his life, were, “Owe no man anything.”  He, together with Sally Lockhart, his wife, lie buried in the Hop Cemetery, two miles north of Campbellsburg.

The James Collier family in the 1800s​​

James and Sally (Lockhart) Collier 

Collier and Lockhart

Written and compiled by Maud Wilson, the granddaughter of William Collier and Sally Grubb.
December 25, 1913 – Salem Indiana

This history of the different branches follows the same order as the family trees. 1730 – 1913
In loving gratitude to our Pioneer Ancestors, who so bravely faced the wilderness, that we, their children’s children,

might one day reap the benefit, this offering is made to the Seventh Generation.

James and Sally Collier are the third great grandparents of Jon Quentin Peterson.

​Jon Quentin Peterson > Emma Malora (Morris) Peterson > Mariah Arvada "Vada" (Cauble) Morris > 
1st) Nancy Ann (Gee) Cauble > 2nd) Mary Ann (Collier) Gee > 3rd) James Collier & Sally (Lockhart) Collier


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James and Sally Collier Children 
James Collier, married on March 12, 1818
January 24, 1798
November 15, 1873
Sarah "Sally" Lockhart
February 13, 1802
September 9, 1876

William Collier         
May 28, 1819
May 27, 1862

Sally Grubb

Mary Ann Collier March 25, 1821January 12, 190785Isaiah Gee
John Collier
May 29, 1823
October 30, 190178Rebekah Pavy
Uriah Collier
December 25, 1824
June 2, 190984Matilda Hinds
Elizabeth Collier 
December 20, 1826October 17, 189366Adam Wright
Harrison Collier
October 28, 1829May 21, 190171Louisa Hostettler
Cassinda Collier
December 19, 1830
January 11, 184919Absalom Hostettler
Andrew Jackson CollierJanuary 19, 1833
September 8, 192592Eliza Ellen Miller, Mary Jane Link
Susannah CollierDecember 11, 1834

Hezekiah Miller

Stephen CollierApril 18, 1836
February 11, 187740Mary Jane Link
Sarah Jane CollierApril 14, 1838
August 23, 189456George Bogle
James Madison Collier
April 16, 1840
April 17, 185919
Malinda CollierApril 10, 1843
April 26, 193491Benjamin Standish



Thomas Lockhart, (great-grandfather of Sally Lockhart Collier), came from Ireland about 1730, and settled in Virginia.  He later had four sons, John, William, Thomas, and James.

John, (son of Thomas), had four sons also:  William, John, Richard, and Thomas.  Richard, (son of John, son of Thomas), was a soldier in the Revolutionary War; was with General Washington at Yorktown, and witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis.

William, (John’s oldest son), married Elizabeth Fletcher at Stockton, Surry County, Virginia, 1794.  (Elizabeth had one brother, Joseph, she often mentioned, who also lived in Virginia).  William and Elizabeth had four sons and five daughters: Thomas, John, Joseph, Stockton, Sarah "Sally", Martha, Nancy, Polly, and Sukey

They moved from Virginia to North Carolina about 1805.  (Thomas, the oldest son, at the age of 18 years, volunteered in the war of 1812, and marched from North Carolina to Canada).  William and Elizabeth moved from North Carolina to what is now Washington County, Indiana in 1813, settling near Claysville.  Thomas, (son of William and Elizabeth), settled in Hendricks County, Indiana.  Stockton, (son of William and Elizabeth), settled in Owen County, Indiana.  

William and Elizabeth’s daughters were Sally, Martha, Nancy, Polly, and Sukey, all of whom came to Indiana with their parents.

William was a nurseryman and brought seeds from North Carolina and set out orchards soon after his arrival.

There were no inherited diseases in the Lockhart family.  They were religious and had several Christian preachers in their line.

James and Sally (Lockhart) Collier