Grandchildren of Charles and Nancy Cauble 
Ella & Sam Newlon's Children   
Merle Newlon

Dora & Commodore Dawalt's children   
Charles "Charlie" Gross Dawaltb. July 15, 1884 - d. March 1, 194965

Earl Windson Dawalt
b. September 20, 1885 - d. August 16, 198195

Gladys Lucille Dayb. January 5, 1900 - d. April 29, 195858Grave
Perre Cauble Dawalt
b. December 5, 1886 - d. March 21, 197386Grave
Ethel C. Hindsb. May 16, 1885 - d. January 6, 197286Grave
Bynum Dawalt

b. November 11, 1892 - d. January 27, 1893


Jennie & Thomas Lewelling's children   
Nellie B. Lewellingb. July 28, 1884 - d. October 13, 196278Grave
m. August 15, 1919George Winsor Pennistenb. October 10, 1871 - d. February 21, 194674Grave
Ellen "Verle" Lewelling
b. February 22, 1895 - d. July 17, 198388Grave
m. November 10, 1917James Edward Lapping
b. March 30, 1894 - d. November 24, 196672Grave
Vada & Walter Morris's children See Cauble and Morris for detailed information
Esther Lillian Morris

Henry Bergdorf 

Madrid "Mage" Waneta Morris

Robert "Elmer" McLean

Boyd Ezra Morris

Hazel Mildred Hutton

Howard "Avery" Thresher Morris

Helen Banks

Charles "Charley" Anderson Morris

Dorothy Johnston

Emma Malora Morris

Leonard "Pete" Arnold Peterson

Cora "Anna" & Washington Peugh's Children
Agnes Peugh
b. July 18, 1896 - d. December 20, 2000104Grave
m. June 9, 1918Benjamin "Ben" Tillman Wright
b. December 13, 1894 - d. February 17, 197479Grave
Charles Maynard Peugh
b. March 28, 1902 - d. July 6, 196967Grave
m. December 24, 1931Svea Adelaide Nelson
b. September 7, 1907 - d. December 21, 199588Grave
Milton Miller Peugh
b. April 22, 1909 - d. November 13, 197061Grave
m. January 22, 1944 Katherine G. Hunter
b. September 27, 1901 - d. March 197271
Mary and Ben Morris's Children
Ethel Agnes Morris
b. September 15, 1901 - d. October 11, 199089Grave
m. August 22, 1922 Ross L. Bills
b. June 26, 1899 - d. September 5, 199596Grave
Ethel & Roy Renick's Children
LaRoy Sylman Renick

Geraldine N. Renick

1928 Grandma Nancy Cauble, age 91,  Emma Morris, age 25, and Vada (Cauble) Morris, age 60

The following is a newspaper article written in 1931:

Nears Ninety-Third Milestone

Mrs. Nancy Cauble, one of Washington county’s beloved and oldest residents will pass her ninety-third milestone, October tenth.  Since the death of her husband, Charles Cauble, in August 1928, Mrs. Cauble has resided with her daughter, Mrs. Ben Morris (Mary Cauble).
For a long period of years, Mr. and Mrs. Cauble continuously resided on a farm three miles northwest of Salem in the Highland neighborhood.  Here their eight daughters grew to young womanhood, married, and left to establish homes of their own.
Two of Mrs. Cauble's daughters are deceased.  Dora, the wife of Commodore Dawalt (also deceased) died a number of years ago and Vada, the wife of Walter Morris, died September of the current year at her home in Lansford, North Dakota.
The six daughters left to brighten their mother’s pathway are Mary, Mrs. Ben Morris, and Jennie, Mrs. Tom Lewelling of Salem, Ind; Ella, Mrs. Sam Newlon of Louisville, Ky., Ethel, Mrs. Roy Rennick and Anna, Mrs. Wash Peugh, of Whitewater, Colorado, and Emma, Mrs. Frank York of Washington.
That many more happy years which may be allotted Mrs. Cauble, whose noble, unassuming character has been an inspiration to many, is the wish of innumerable friends here and elsewhere in which the Democrat heartily and sincerely joins.

1919 Emma (Cauble) York and Frank York


1980 Earl Dawalt, age 95, and Emma (Morris) Peterson. age 75.

Earl is the son of Dora (Cauble) and Commodore Dawalt

​Emma is the daughter of Vada (Cauble) and Walter Morris

LaRoy Sylman Renick

The Charles and Nancy Cauble family in the 1800s​​

Jennie (Cauble) Lewelling, Verle (Lewelling) Lapping, and Tom Lewelling

Sisters - Mary, Ella, Jennie and Vada Cauble with father Charles Cauble waving and 'photo bombing' in background along with an unknown man

Charles and Nancy Cauble

with daughter Emma (Cauble) York

Blasting rock near Charles and Nancy Cauble house

photo from Emma (Cauble) York

Written and compiled by Maud Wilson, the granddaughter of William Collier and Sally Grubb.
December 25, 1913 – Salem Indiana

This history of the different branches follows the same order as the family trees. 1730 – 1913
In loving gratitude to our Pioneer Ancestors, who so bravely faced the wilderness, that we, their children’s children,

might one day reap the benefit, this offering is made to the Seventh Generation.

Charles and Nancy Cauble are the great grandparents of Jon Quentin Peterson. 

Jon Quentin Peterson > Emma Malora (Morris) Peterson > Mariah Arvada "Vada" (Cauble) Morris > 

Charles P. Cauble & Nancy (Gee) Cauble

See Morris Kin

Additional Photos and links added by Kristin Peterson

Left to right:
Washington “Wash” Peugh, unknown, Annie (Cauble) Peugh, Ethel (Cauble) Renick, unknown, Tom Lewelling, Agnes Peugh, Roy Renick, Nellie Lewelling, Jennie (Cauble) Lewelling
Left to right in front:
Maynard Peugh, Milton Peugh, Silmon Renick

Charles and Nancy (Gee) Cauble

The Dawalt Family

Madrid (Morris) McLean and Verle (Lewelling) Lapping

Annie (Cauble) Peugh and Arvada "Vada" (Cauble) Morris

​​Charles Cauble Obituary

Charles Cauble, seventh son of a family of fifteen children was the son of Adam and Polly Cauble, pioneer settlers of Washington County.  He was born October 8, 1832, passed quietly away August 15, 1923.  He was born on the old Cauble homestead in sight of where he died, at the age of 90 years, 10 months, and 7 days.  He was one of the most highly respected citizens of the Highland neighborhood, and had lived on the farm for the past 63 years.

He was married t Miss Nancy Gee almost 66 years ago, and they have lived a very happy life together, having spent their entire life in this community.

To this union was born nine children:  Ella wife of Sam Newton, one son, Dora now deceased was the wife of Commodore Dewalt and mother of three sons, Jenny now the wife of Thos. Lewelling, only son, who died when he was 12 years old, Vada, wife of Walter Morris of North Dakota and mother of three sons and three daughters, Anna, wife of G.W. Peugh of Colorado and mother of one daughter and two sons, Mary wife of Ben Morris, one daughter, Ethel living in Colorado, wife of Roy Remick has one son and one daughter.

Uncle Charlie was a progressive farmer.  He was very energetic and always worked hard.  He was honest upright, and fair in his dealings.  He was a good neighbor and no better father ever reared a family.  He enjoyed company, liked music, and a good time, and always took delight in seeing the young folks have a good time.  He lived a life that has been an uplift to the Highland neighborhood, an example for any community.  No person was more true or attentive to his wife and family than Uncle Charlie.  He leaves a very much devoted wife, seven daughters, 18 grandchildren, nine great grandchildren, two brothers, two sisters, and a host of friends to mourn his departure.  By his works we know him.

Farewell! Farewell is often heard,
From the lips of those who part;
Tis a whispered tone tis a gentle word,
But it springs not from the heart.
It may serve for the lover's closing lay,
To be sung 'neath a summer sky
But give to me the lips that any
The honest words good-bye.
Go watch the pale and dying one,
When the glance has lost its gleam
When the brow is cold as marble atone
And the world a passing dream;
And the latest pressure of the hand
The look of the closing eye,
Yield what the heart must understand,
A long a last good-bye.

The funeral service for Mr. Cauble was held Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. at their home, attended by a large body of people.  The services were conducted by Rev. W.D. Bartle of New Albany, assisted by Rev. Oliver Trueblood and Rev. Fred Nixon both of whom were life long friends of the family.  A quartet composed of Otto C. Zink, Harriett Zink, Mrs. G.B. Smith and Walter Grim who sang "Jesus Lover of my Soul", Rock of Ages", "Nearer My God to Thee", "Shall We Gather at the River", Frances Neal at the piano. The pallbearers were Chas., Perry, and Earl Dawalt, Merle Newlon, Ed Lapping and Ross Bills.  He was laid to rest in Crown Hill Cemetery.

Left to right:  Ethel Morris, unknown, Orin McCoy, Verle (Lewelling) Lapping, Charley Dawalt, Tom Lewelling, Perry Dawalt, Ethel DaWalt, Earl Dawalt, Jennie (Cauble) Lewelling, Charles Cauble, Nellie Lewelling
In front:  Perry Dawalt’s girls

Photo taken at Charles Cauble’s house.​

Fort Hill Gathering

Nancy Gee and Charles P. Cauble were married on January 28, 1858 
when Nancy was 21 and Charles was 26 years of age.

Nancy Gee was born on October 10, 1837, in Washington Co., Indiana. 
Nancy died at the age of 94 on February 12, 1932.

Charles P. Cauble was born October 8, 1832, in Salem, Washington Co., Indiana.
Charles died at the age of 90 on August 15, 1923, in Salem, Washington Co., Indiana.

 Charles and Nancy Cauble Children  
Charles P. Cauble
b. October 8, 1832 - d. August 15, 192390


m. January 28, 1858Nancy Ann Geeb. October 10, 1837 - d. February 12, 193294Grave

Sophia "Ellen" "Ella" Cauble
b. June 18, 1859 - d. April 10, 193070
m. January 20, 1894Samuel “Sam” Newlonb. October 10, 1837 - d. February 12, 193294Grave
Dora Isabelle Caubleb. July 18, 1861 - d. March 28, 190240Grave
m. October 28, 1883 Commodore Perry Dawalt
b. May 15, 1858 - d. November 19, 191254Grave
Malora Jane "Jennie" Cauble
b. December 3, 1862 - d. March 8, 1931
m. June 7, 1883Thomas Story Lewelling
b. December 7, 1857 - d. January 3, 194789Grave
Emma Elzan Caubleb. August 12, 1864 - d. October 21, 194985Gravem. January 10, 1906Frank York
b. 1859 - d. May 8, 193677Grave
George Franklin "Frances" Cauble
b. July 17, 1866 - d. August 6, 187812Grave

Mariah Arvada “Vada” Cauble 
b. July 10, 1868 - d. September 9, 193062
m. February 15, 1891 Walter Quinten Gresham Morris
b. June 16, 1867 - d. May 9, 195789
Cora Ann “Anna” Cauble
b. October 9, 1871 - d.  December 31, 1931
m. August 22, 1895 George “Washington” Peugh
b. January 2, 1869 - d. 195687Grave
Mary Idella Cauble
b. October 23, 1872 - d. June 20, 1936
m. December 24, 1898 Arthur Bentley “Ben” Morris
b. October 26, 1872 - d. July 23, 195178Grave

m. March 11, 19472nd - Dora Smithb. October 8, 1876 - d. November 11, 196084
Ethel Lavina Cauble
b. October 12, 1880 - d. November 15, 1948
m. June 7, 1908 Roy Gilliland Renick
b. September 3, 1885 - d. April 27, 196175Grave

Gee and Cauble

Nancy Cauble in 1912