Sigurd and Lilly Susag's CHILDREN   Sigurd > David & Julianna Susag > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
Frances Susag       
b. 1921 - d. April 17, 198968

Raymond Susag

m. May 28, 1955
Marie Theresa Liedl
b. 1935 - d. May 29, 1969

Anne Marie Mortimer-Taylor

​Blanche Miller

Alfrida and Helmer Johnson's CHILDREN   Alfrida > David & Julianna Susag > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
Johnnie Donald Johnson
b. March 20, 1913 - d. April 28, 201198m. August 30, 1940, div.(1st) Vera Marie Thompson
b. July 10, 1922 - d. March 1, 201087Grave

m. November 30, 1992
(2nd) Ruth T. Arnot
b. June 27, 1918 - d. February 20, 2017
Nina Elisa Johnsonb. August 27, 1914 - d. May 24, 2005
m. September 22, 1940
Roy H. Trostadb. October 29, 1908 - d. February 25, 198879Grave
Arnold LeRoy Johnson
b. March 18, 1916 - d. April 10, 1992
m. August 31, 1946
Olive Merry Warmington
b. July 5, 1924 - d. May 2014
Lester Elmer Johnson
b. October 17, 1918 - d. February 20, 1981
m. June 9, 1944
Oleda Marguerite Grinde
b. June 6, 1920 - d. July 25, 1993
Walter Edwin Johnson

m. August 10, 1946
Violet Marie Flatau
b. November 19, 1919 - d. December 21, 2014
Hillard Alvin Johnson
b. August 31, 1922 - d. November 9, 2010
m. October 23, 1955
Joyce Ardell Erlandson

Eleanor Doris Johnson
b. June 26, 1924 - d. December 1, 201995
m. November 21, 1942
Eilert Melvin "Bud" Ramsey
b. May 28, 1922 - d. October 5, 1992
Levi Grant Johnson
b. July 13, 1926 - d. October 20, 201286
m. October 22, 1949
Hazel Elizabeth Richter

Helen Irene Johnson
b. June 26, 1928 - d. October 9, 200981Grave
m. July 1, 1946
Robert Glen Shaw
b. June 13, 1924 - d. August 6, 2009
Norris Everett Johnson
b. May 17, 1930 - d. May 27, 193010dGrave

Mencer Helmer Johnson

m. September 3, 1955, div.
(1st) Dorothy May Linnertz
b. 13 Sep 1935 - d. February 3, 2017

m. April 26, 1981
(2nd) Norma Alice Haney
b. April 29, 1929 - d. 24 Mar 2005

m. June 8, 2007(​3rd) Beverly R.

Marie and Johnie Johnson's CHILDREN   Marie > David & Julianna Susag > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
Cecelia Jeanette Johnson
b. May 30, 1918 - d. February 7, 2011
92Gravem. December 29, 1945Harold Arthur Haglundb. June 9, 1920 - d. March 26, 201190Grave
Marian Deline Johnson
b. February 7, 1920 - d. November 29, 2013
m. May 11, 1940
(1st) Victor Albin "Vic" Sundholm
b. April 10, 1914 - d. March 19, 1981

m. August 11, 1984​(2nd) Elmer Louis Alverts
b. January 6, 1918 - d. June 3, 2001
Norman Victor Johnson
b. November 22, 1923 - d. March 4, 201692Grave
m. September 21, 1946
(1st) ​Helen Lavern Einerwold

m. June 21, 1975
(2nd) Marian R. Beech (Olson)

Lillian Florence Johnson
b. September 6, 1926 - d. July 28, 1984
m. March 25, 1948
​Myrl Martin Hammersburg
b. June 22, 1923 - d. December 29, 1953
Hartvick Theodore "Bud" Johnson

m. August 24, 1951
Flora McKeel
d. May 1991

Carl Hillard Johnson

m. August 24, 1956
Joann Ruth McDaniel

Pearl Esther Johnson

m. June 15, 1964
​Philip Arne Carlson

Myrtle Mae Johnson

​John Buckley

Harold LeRoy Johnson

​Barbara Daniels

Alfred and Leona Susag's CHILDREN   Alfred > David & Julianna Susag > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
​Arlys Lavonne Susag
b. August 25, 1935 - d. June 29, 2016
m. January 20, 1955
Francis Carter Elliott
b. June 15, 1927 - d. October 19, 2001
Mary Alice Susag

m. September 12, 1959
​Robert Wayne "Bob" Smedberg
b. November 4, 1931 - d. September 28, 2014
​David Jay Susag

m. August 7, 1965
​Lois Ann Haugen

​Glen Alfred Susag

m. February 14, 1965
​Karen Marie Hanson
b. June 30, 1945 -  d. January 26, 2016
Emelie and Arthur Hough's CHILDREN​  Emelie > David & Julianna Susag > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
​Fern "Julianna" Hough
b. June 30, 1936 - d. November 18, 1999
m. October 20, 1957
​Duane "Ivy" Iverson
b. August 16, 1932 - d. June 23, 2012
​Joan Ottilia Hough

m. October 3, 1959
​Richard W. Johnson

​Alden Arthur Hough

m. October 16, 1982
​Lorna Ann Johnson
b. May 14, 1952 - d. December 3, 2016
Mencer Ronald Hough

m. January 31, 1974
​Elizabeth "Betty"

Ragna and Fred Gorman's CHILDREN   Ragna > David & Julianna Susag > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
​Karen Marie Gorman
b. August 1, 1945 - d. August 21, 2007
m. December 5, 1977
​Francis John "Tiny" Majerus
b. May 28, 1921 - d. May 9, 1987

Letter from Sigurd to his sister, Alfrida, dated December 5, 1969

Hi Alfreda,

How goes the battle, plenty grim, would be my guess. We are pretty good. Poking around like two old plugs once in a while we misfire.

Just now we have a carpenter putting in a new sink and cupboards in the kitchen. This could have been done years ago but, when a person does not know what they want there is not much a person can do about it. I'm feeding 56 head of cattle and two of nags. This last week I have been cutting cook stove wood, am not through yet but yesterday the saw quit so am going to town today for repairs. The weatherman has been pretty good no snow here yet until last night it snowed about half inch and there is little frost in the ground. I have to feed in different places every day to keep the hay out of the mud.

We had it hell here for hot last June and early July. I got my hay in early but those that did not hay early had a bad time of it, it sure did rain. It was a nice piece of luck that we took off to Seattle to the wedding. I had not expected to see your boys from Minnesota there. It was a pleasant surprise. ​(Note from Kristin:  This may have been Larry Johnson's wedding that took place in the Seattle area on June 21, 1969).

Raymond was here last Sunday. He is hard at it back there in the backwoods. He seems to like his work very well.

Frances might be here tomorrow as they have not been here for a while, last time they were here Brian picked up a rifle and went down to the hayfield and a three-point buck walked into the field for him too, it was his first deer.  The next day he went to the Cottonwood River and spotted a black bear. I went out one day looking for deer tracks but I saw no fresh signs of anything so I did not go out anymore.

Had a letter and a card from Alfred and Leona last month. They seemed quite happy with themselves. 

Bye for now, Sig and Lilly

Susag Kin - Sivert & Andreanna

Sivert Jonsen and his wife, Andreanna, nee Nibe lived on a small place "husmann's plass" on the Susag farm in Sparbu "herred" (twp) near Steinkjer in Norde Trondheim Fylke.

They had four sons - Antonius (Anton Sivertson); Edvard Susæg (Sigvart's father); Johannes (John Sivertson); and David Susag.  Edvard and David took the name Susag.  Anton and John used the name Sivertson.

Anton came to America and homesteaded in Sargent County, ND.  About 1890 he brought his parents over from Norway.  Grandfather Sivert Jonsen died in 1902 at Rutland, ND, and is buried in a cemetery two miles east of there.  There is a marker on his grave, put there by cousin Sigvart. 

Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen's GRANDCHILDREN 
Edvard & Gustava Elisa Susag's CHILDREN   Edvard > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
Sigvart Johannes "Sig" Susag
b. October 18, 1887 - d. October 23, 197891Gravem. August 30, 1940, div.Mabel Cora Hoflen
b. December 17, 1888 - d. June 30, 196688Grave
Olga Petrine Susæg
b. March 24, 1889 - d. February 17, 1937

Ole Johan Oksnesb. December 25, 1877 - d. February 23, 195275
Joachim Susægb. November 5, 1890

Petra Ahlin

Emma Gunhilde Susæg
b. July 14, 1892

m. March 18, 1917
Algot Folke Ollonquist
b. February 20, 1891

Alfhild Alette Susæg
b. November 18, 1893 - d. May 13, 1958
Nils Karlsen

Ingrid Susæg
b. November 29, 1895 - d. February 14, 1973

Aasta Susæg
b. February 21, 1898 - d. December 28, 198688

Borghild Susæg
b. July 22, 1899 - d. November 24, 1990
Trygve Susæg
b. July 2, 1902 - d. July 17, 1902

Einar Gabriel Susæg
b. May 8, 1905 - d. August 3, 1906

Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen

Sivert Jonsen
b. February 15, 1829 - d. 190273


m. June 27, 1854Andreanna Andersdatterb. August 22, 1824 - d. April 26, 192196Grave
Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen's CHILDREN    

Antonius "Anton" Sivertson
b. November 18, 1856 - d. July 16, 1937
81Gravem. August 14, 1904
Ellen Kristine Gabrielsdtr. Gabrielsen
b. October 1875 - d. December 28, 195883Grave
Edvard (Sivertsen) Susagb. April 10, 1859 - d. June 22, 194283
m. January 1, 1887​Gustava Elise Johannesdatter (Bedsvag)b. April 24, 1866 - d. March 192053
Ingeborganna Sivertsdatter, (twin)
b. November 10, 1861 - d. November 19, 18619d

Dortea Sivertsdatter, (twin)
b. November 10, 1861 - d. November 24, 1861

Johannes "John" Sivertson 
b. January 4, 1863 - d. July 7, 1948
m. 1908Margaret Farrel
b. October 18, 1860 - d. November 5, 194484Grave
David Susag
b. January 30, 1866 - d. December 21, 1953
m. July 2, 1891Julianna Mikaelsdatterb. August 22, 1867 - d. November 13, 194376Grave
Ingeborganna Sivertsdatter (the 2nd)
b. 1870 - d. 1870 (lived 2 1/2 months)

​​David and Julianna Susag's CHILDREN   ​ David > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen

Sigurd Susag
b. November 19, 1891 - d. November 5, 1984
92m. April 6, 1931
Lily Cecelia Boulanger 
b. January 22, 1896 - d. October 12, 197882Grave
Alfrida Ingmarine Susagb. January 26, 1894 - d. August 16, 197177Grave
m. August 1, 1912Helmer MarcellIus Sevald Johnsonb. June 28, 1886 - d. April 6, 197386Grave
Marie Susag
b. November 30, 1896 - d. December 2, 198791Gravem. December 9, 1916Johan  Martin "Johnie" Johnsonb. January 8, 1889 - d. July 21, 194758
Josephine Susag
b. April 4, 1899 - d. February 12, 1995
m. February 10, 1921Samuel Francis Lehmanb. October 4, 1874 - d. November 3, 192643Grave
Alfred Susag
b. August 7, 1901 - d. February 2, 1987
m. November 3, 1934Leona Adelia Damschen
b. October 29, 1907 - d. October 11, 199789Grave
Deline Jorgine Susag
b. October 21, 1903 - d. March 23, 1973
m. October 8, 1936Oscar William Johnsonb. November 21, 1904 - d. April 18, 197065Grave
Emelie Alvhilda Susag
b. September 28, 1905 - d. November 15, 1996
m. January 1, 1935Arthur Houghb. March 25, 1897 - d. April 3, 196063Grave
Ragna Sophie Susag
b. December 14, 1907 - d. June 9, 2005
m. June 3, 1944
Frederick "Fred" Gorman
b. August 18, 1897 - d. July 26, 1988

Anton moved to New Norway, Alberta, Canada, east of Edmonton.  Grandmother Andreanna Jonsen went with them to Canada.  She lived to be quite old, over ninety and is buried in New Norway.  Anton died and is buried there, too.  His wife later remarried.  There were no children.

Edvard  stayed in Norway.  His son, Sigvart, came to North Dakota in 1909 and lived near Rutland.  He and his wife, Mabel, have two children, Lloyd and Grace.   Sigvart's brothers and sisters are Ingrid, Aasta, Valborg, and brother Joachim.  (See more on Sigvart Susag)

John had a farm south of Tioga in Williams County.  He was married but, had no children.  They lived near Stanley, ND in later years and presumably died there.​​

​​David married Julianna Michaelson in 1891.  She was born near Levanger not far from Steinkjer.  She had two sisters, Bergitte Vaerdal and Karen Vaerdal who stayed in Norway, and one brother who is deceased.  Julianna was the only one of her family to come to America.  She came to the Rutland-Abercrombie area about 1890 and married David Susag.  They had known one another in Norway.  David and Julianna had eight children.

Sigvart and Mabel Susag's CHILDREN    Sigvart > Edvard & Gustava Susag > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
Grace Margaret Susag     
b. January 11, 1917 - d. April 3, 201386Grave
m. January 13, 1954James Harry Pfau
b. April 23, 1919 - d. September 8, 200081Grave
Lloyd George Susag
b. April 14, 1919 - d. July 15, 201394Grave
m. September 16, 1945
Beulah Evelyn Donaldson
b. June 24, 1923 - d. November 5, 1982

m. February 18, 1991Thala June Aleshire

Olga & Ole Oksnes's CHILDREN    Olga > Edvard & Gustava Susag > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
Edel Gerd Susæg
b. October 22, 1920 - d. March 12, 200382.Georg Tvedtb. June 4, 1915 - d. January 31, 198873
Kare Susæg
b. March 14, 1924 - d. November 24, 199773

Joachim & Petra Susaeg's CHILDREN   Joachim > Edvard & Gustava Susag > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
Per Susægd. before 2002


Edvard Susægb. 1921

May Britt

Trygve Susægb. December 15, 1923 - d. 199067


Else Susæg

Ase Susæg

Emma & Erik Algot Ollonquist's CHILDREN   Emma > Edvard & Gustava Susag > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
​Vivi Ollonquist
b. April 22, 1917

Sven Westin

Henry Edvard Ollonquist
b. November 7, 1924

Asta Ollonquist

Elof Samuelson

Brit Ester Ollonquist
b. November 30, 1931 - d. 198756

Arve Indalb. 1930 - d. 196535
Alfhild & Nils Karlsen's CHILDREN​   Alfhild > Edvard & Gustava Susag > Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen
Alf Karlsen
b. December 27, 1929

Randi Sather
b. November 10, 1928

The following information was taken from a letter from Sigvart Susag to Nina (Johnson) Trostad

​​A copy of the letter is below as well as a letter from Sigurd Susag to his sister Alfrida.   ​

Kristin Peterson has added text in parentheses and photos to enhance the document.  A chart of Sivert and Andreanna Jonsen's children, as well as a chart of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, has been added.​   ​The information regarding birth and death records have been taken from,, and genealogical documents from June Susag.

Letter from Sigvart Susag to Nina (Johnson) Trostad dated October 10, 1971  Sigvart & Nina are First Cousins once removed

Dear Cousin:

Please excuse me for not having answered your letter sooner.  I will try to answer your questions regarding your mother's, and which includes my family on my father's side, as far as I can, which isn't very far.

My and your mothers' grandparents (Sivert and Andreanna Jonsen), lived on a small place (husmann's plass) on the Susag farm in Sparbu "herred" (tsp) near Steinkjer in "Norde Trondheim Fylke".  Sivert Jonsen and wife Andreanna born Nibe.  They had four sons:  Antonius (Anton Sivertson), Edvard Susæg (my father), Johannes (John Sivertson), and David Susag (your grandfather).  Two of them took the name Susag and the other used the name, Sivertson.  I think there was a girl also who died quite young, but I never heard any details.

Sometime after Anton homesteaded in Sargent County, ND, he brought his parents (Sivert and Andreanna Jonsen) over from Norway.  I don't know the exact time but it must have been about 1890.  After I came to this country I saw a letter my father ​(Edvard Susæg) had written to his parents shortly before they left Norway.  In it, he said that I was a little fellow and I will be 84 this week.

Grandfather (Sivert Jonsen) died at Rutland and was buried in a cemetery two miles east of town.  I had a marker placed on his grave with the date of birth and death, but I can't remember now what the dates are.

Anton moved to Canada in the Spring of 1910.  He left grandmother (Andreanna Jonsen) with me for the summer and came here in the fall.  He bought a farm near a small town named New Norway which is east of Edmonton.  I don't know what year grandmother died or how old she was, but it must have been quite a bit over 90.  Anton's wife (Ellen Sivertsen) had relatives near Cayuga and I heard from them that he had died and that his widow had remarried.  They were not of the letter-writing kind, so I had no direct contact with them.  They had no children.

Uncle John had a farm south of Tioga in Willams County, on what is know as Hoglund Flats.  I visited with them one fall.  I threshed north of Tioga.  They had no children and heard later that they had moved to Stanley.  That's all I know about him, but they are very likely both of them dead by now.

I forgot to mention that my grandfather (Sivert Jonsen) died before I came to this country in 1909.  All I can tell you about your grandmother (Julianna Susag) is that she told me that she was born near Levanger which isn't very far from Steinkjer.  She didn't mention anything about her family that I can remember.

I am sorry that the information I am able to give you is pretty sketchy, but is the best I can do.

If and when you come this way again it would be very nice if you could stop in and visit awhile.  Deline is moving to Fargo this week to stay over winter with an elderly lady, which, is all for the good.  

Greetings, Sigvart

​​​​     JOHNSON / SUSAG  

Sivert & Andreanna Jonsen's GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN